The queen and the sea

The “Queen and the Sea” is a premium quality honey produced by the Papafigos family in the island of Chios. Papafigos family have been involved in the bee breeding and honey production since 2011. They work as nomadic beekeepers, moving their bees all around the island. This small family business is determined to provide their bees with a wide variety of herbs in order to ensure the very best of quality and high nutritional value of its product. The product name praises nature and its values, but most and foremost the importance of the actual maker, the queen bee. We were assigned to design the complete brand identity, including the name, label, packaging and communication material. The brand logo is prominently displayed on the jar’s label which has an external flat-folding cardboard packaging from black paper and white hot foil printing.

DesignRush, known for its packaging design award has chosen our “The Queen And The Sea” design to be featured among The Best Honey Packaging Designs.